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Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy Warmers– A Simple System

Distinctive Scentsy Warmers melt specially formulated wax with the heat of a low-watt bulb or heating element, enhancing your home with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke or soot. My goal is to provide you with all the information and tools to allow you to choose your favorite Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy Fragrance Bar. Scentsy has grown to include much more than just warmers and bars! There are room sprays and scent circles available in every fragrance in the catalog. There are also travel tins and scent paks available in a good variety of fragrances. Make sure you check out our Scentsy buddy line – soft and cuddly these buddies are for the young and young at heart! Each Scentsy Buddy comes with your choice of scent pak.

Layers by Scentsy

From shower gel and cream, to lotions and body spray, to laundry products - begin and end your daily routine with Scentsy scents, layer by layer. Transform your morning shower from a necessity to something sublime. Let your personal fragrance leave a lovely trace with every movement. Layers by Scentsy lets you build a fragrance that is yours alone, every day.Pick your favorite scents, mix and match products, and envelop your life in fragrance.


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Scentsy Warmer and Scentsy Candle Styles & Sizes

The first step to picking out your Scentsy Warmer is to determine the size of candle warmer that will best fit in your room. Depending on the size of the room and the size of the surface area you are placing it on will determine which Scentsy Candle Warmer is best for you. We have 3 different sizes to choose from:

  • Full-Size Scentsy Warmers - Approximately 4.5" wide and 6" tall; uses a 25-watt bulb.
  • Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers - Approximately 4” wide and 5” tall; uses a 20-watt bulb.
  • Plug-In Scentsy Warmers - Approximately 3” wide and 3.5” tall (without the plug); uses a 15-watt bulb.

The second step to picking out your Scentsy Warmer is to choose a particular scentsy scent and candle style. Each of the collections have many customized styles and looks to choose from that will fit your particular design needs. Whether you choose from the Art Deco Collection or the Renaissance Collection there are so many Scentsy Warmer designs to choose from you will not run out of options.

The third step after you have chosen your size and style from the line of Scentsy Warmers is to now choose from the 80+ of Scentsy fragrances. The candle warmer is able to melt scentsy scented wax bars that then produce a sweet smelling fragrance within your room. Look around Scentsy products and choose your ideal Scentsy Warmer Package today.